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posticon Welcome to NCU! Please read these rules for a better experience on our boards!

Greetings! First off, I hope you find this new service much more satisfying than our last ultra laggy one which pretty much turned off everyone INCLUDING ME from visiting it. This board has more reliable features and is far more stable then our last service. emoticon

The only thing we have to endure is a little downtime every night for 20 minutes as the service works on keeping the boards fresh and smooth. I was recommended this service by a few peeps over at "Brotherhood Of The Bat" (a site dedicated to Batman costume and hobbies).
So I gave it a go and it just felt so much smoother. emoticon

Now... Onto the rules.
I only ask that you please please follow these guidelines maturely to ensure good flow of interesting topics without any bashing or senseless arguing.

This community was put together, designed by me but has grown with the help of all of you. So this hut is definitely your home as much as it is mine, so long as you keep to the code.


# 1. Respect each other. You can debate passionately about something you believe in, that's fine. Just try not to flame each other around like angry 10 year olds hiding behind their monitors. If you have something to get off your chest, go right ahead so long as its not directed towards a fellow NCU member. If you do have a bone to pick with someone, do so in PM or outside the forum. Ignoring a user is usually the best way to go. P please don't ask me to ban someone just because you don't like that person.

# 2. Please, no posting of actual pornography. Though we all know how much we all LOVE porn, lol, we don't want to offend anyone here, k?
So proper public forum etiquette is required my friends.
Nude artwork is ok as long as it's in good taste and linked with a warning tag.

# 3. Please do not spam. That means don't go making meaningless posts just to raise your post count. And always try to stay on topic.

# 4. Please try to keep foul language to a minimum. I know it's a hard habit to kill for some but do try your best not to toss the F bomb around like it's Christmas. I think the forum screens cuss words automatically too.

# 5. Do NOT harass me. lol.


That's it for now.

Make sure you read any FAQs we post here.

Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy your stay! emoticon


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