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Ahh yeah!

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Lara Croft


Pencils by Randy Green
Inks by James Goodwin

I have a 'to-do' folder on my hard drive which contains an ever growing (it seems) list of pics that I've started but never finished for whatever reason. Some have been there for almost 5 years now! Anyway... this one has been buried in that folder for a few months now, mainly because I couldn't decide on a colour scheme for it. This started off as mostly beige-greens, went to red, blue, back to beige-green and then blue again. I also had hassles with deciding on the background. All of which stalled the picture in the afore-said 'to-do' folder.

But finding myself at a loose end, and not knowing which picture I wanted to start, I dug this one out, started fiddling around and ta-dahh..! Finished!


I colour stuff...
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Still punching!

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Re: Lara Croft

looks good i like the back ground
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