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I got my little handheld from Hyperkin at Amazon almost a week ago as a birthday present. I have to say, this thing is really cool except from some drawbacks I'm having issues forgiving. #1. NO stereo sound. It has two built in speakers but only transmit audio in mono. BUMMMER, as games like Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid have beautiful music and sfx that takes advantage of stereo sound.
#2 the battery only lasts for about 2.5 hours. Hyperkin claimed it can last up to 5 hours of play time. I checked out some YouTube reviews and there are many out there who claimed the same problems. So it wasn't just my set.
But it does come with an adapter if you're looking to play at home with the usb charger. These are the biggest 2 problems I have with the hand held. The lesser more negligible problems are that the system is pretty sensitive to slightly dirty carts. While the real SNES system can still load games with slightly dirty connectors, the Supaboy demands your cart's connectors are practically in brand new condition. Or else, expect a black screen. Negligible but sometimes rather annoying. I forgive it.
The other thing to watch out for is losing game saves. This happens if you accidentally move the cartridge around while playing games like Super Metroid, Mario World, etc. I lost my Metroid save data when I tried moving the cart a little and press reset to get it to load. Now, I simply shut the system down first, move the cart, then turn it back on. Saves are intact.
Maybe this is a problem that can occur in the actual system but since you're holding the handheld and the cart is exposed very close to your hands, this problem may be more common with SB.
I forgive it.
Now the cros pad (D-pad) is a little stiff but it does seem to wear in a bit after using it a few times. It was hard to pull off special moves in Street Fighter 2 Turbo, but after some time, the moves were rolling out more frequently than non.

The placement for the USB charger port is located up top the system right by the cart. This was not the greatest idea but knowing how some usb and regular ac adapters can easily dislodge itself from the bottom end of a system, maybe this helps prevent it from ever happening. It's a little weird and unattractive when it's wire is protruding from the top of the handheld like that. Whatever.

I haven't tried hooking it up to my TV yet and don't really care to, since I have the actual console already hooked up. Maybe later.

The image quality is pretty damn good. I never really had any hand helds since Gameboy Advance so that's where I stand as far as my opinion. I think the graphics and colors pop really well. No blurring or any distortions yet.

Soooo.... I give this handheld a 7 out of a 10.
For as far as I can tell, it plays really well, isn't heavy at all, regardless of it's size. Built with decent plastics. Has possibly the best design idea out of all other SNES clone hand helds out there, in my opinion and the concept of using the original SNES controller as it's shell is genius.

My copy happens to be the latest revision of the SB. But to my understanding, Hyperkin is still working on perfecting it. I hope they fix the Stereo Sound problem soon. If this thing had stereo, my score would have leaped to a 8.5 of a 10.

I'd only recommend this to an SNES fan because I feel only such a fan would do a better job at looking passed some of the draw backs than say, a casual gamer.

One other thing! This thing can play NTSC Japanese Super Famicom games! Neat! I always wanted to get my hands on Macross and Gundam Endless Duel. :3

And that's my review!
I was hoping to create a video review but I really don't have time to play around much right now. Maybe later on after I move to the new house. emoticon

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